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What is the plan?

The construction plan is as follows: 

  • Add on a Pre-K through 4th grade addition to the already existing (and newest) Intermediate Building located on Portland Street. 

  • Demolish the Elementary and Primary buildings (formerly East and West).

  • Build a new 7-12 building, including a new auditorium, where the Primary (East) building is currently. 

  • Transition the current High School (specifically the 1998 addition) to be central offices and Head Start. The Tri-Star portion of the current High School (from 1984) will become the transportation office and bus garage. 

  • Both new buildings will include one kitchen, one central office, a storm shelter, and two gyms. Drop off and pick up locations will also be improved. 

What is your timeline?
Design will begin as soon as OFCC commits the State share of the funding and we have our Architect on board. Design of Phase 1, the CIS addition for PK-6, will take approximately 12 months. Construction of this phase will take around 18 months.  Immediately upon completion of the phase 1 construction, CPS and CES will be demolished. Construction will then start on the new 7-12 building, which will take approximately 24 months. In the final phase, CMS will be demolished. CHS will be partially demolished, and the remaining portions will be buttoned-up and repurposed for central offices, Head Start and bus maintenance. Lastly, the Ed Complex will be demolished, leaving the fieldhouse to remain. 

How much does this cost?

For most of us, the cost would be close to fifty cents a day. No, seriously. 

We are asking for a 7.9 mill construction levy. However, in 2020, we have 3 mills rolling off the books so the increase to us would only be 4.9 mill. If your home is $100,00, you would see an estimated increase in taxes at roughly $184.62. This equates to .51 cents per day. 

What will the accessibility be like for children with disabilities?

Many of our buildings were built before the current ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) accessibility requirements. Making updates to our buildings to meet these standards are mandatory, not optional. Since many of our buildings would require costly updates on old structures to meet these mandates, it is more cost effective to simply build new. Not only would our new buildings be up to date with this code, but our PK-6 building would offer an accessible playground, which would be a celebrated addition to our community.

Why Now?

Let’s pretend that you have a favorite set of sheets. They’re awesome. They’re soft, fit your bed perfectly, wash up well, and have lasted for quite some time. However, one day you notice a hole starting. The hole gets bigger and bigger, until, finally, the sheets can’t do their designed job. So, you do some research. You find that this set of sheets now has new, updated features. They’re cooling! They have more stretch! More pattern options! Most importantly–they will do the job you need them to do today. So, you hop in your car and head to the store, knowing that you have to make this purchase. 

When you get there, sheets in hand, because, again, it is inevitable that this purchase will be made, someone taps you on the shoulder. They compliment your choice – after all, it isn’t one you came by lightly. They think your family will be very pleased with these sheets.  And then, they offer to pay for 44% of your sheets! What?! You obviously agree, because, why wouldn’t you? It seems like there is no time like the present. This was something you needed, and now someone else wants to pitch in to help you purchase your new set. 

This is happening with our schools. We need new and updated facilities. We need classrooms with more than two electrical outlets. We need buildings that are accessible for our friends and neighbors with disabilities. We need our buildings to offer safety against outside threats and weather catastrophes. With our recent tornado experience, we know that, now more than ever, we need to keep our children safe. This purchase is inevitable. 

The economy is doing well, and we foresee getting great interest rates, so, while we have the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission tapping on our shoulders, offering to pay for roughly 35 million dollars of our purchase, why would we say no? This isn’t an offer that lasts forever. The OFCC has limited funds, and many schools in Ohio have already used their share. Shouldn’t we? It is time. 

Will these building include A/C?

Some of you may not know this, but our current buildings are not completely air conditioned, and our mitigation systems are incredibly out of date. This means that classrooms can be scalding hot or quite chilly (sometimes both in the same day!), and this lack of climate control, as backed by research, is affecting the way our students learn. Our new buildings would be climate controlled at no extra cost. Noise from fans or heaters that distract our students would be a thing of the past in our new buildings, not to mention that updating these systems will reduce our maintenance costs. Beyond being cost neutral and improving our learning, many of our staff and students have health concerns that would be addressed in a climate controlled setting. 

How you can help.

While our community is passionate about tradition and proud of our history, our facilities no longer reflect our Bulldog pride. Join the Bulldog Levy Campaign by telling your friends, attending events, sharing on social media, and spreading the word.

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